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About Lux Garden ltd.

Lux Garden Ltd. was established from a team of experts, which is highly ambitious to develop their work in the field of landscape architecture, landscape and garden design.

With our experience, professionalism and creative ideas we provide our clients with a full range of landscape architectural services, landscape planning, design and management, urban and garden design, site planning, environmental restoration, parks and recreation planning, green infrastructure planning, private estate and residence planning and design and corporate office parks planning.

How we work

Measuring the site – after your call we send a small team of experts to examine the site. They will discuss with you ideas for the arrangement and organization of the spaces.

At this first stage of the project we generate ideas with technical understanding and creative ideas for the design, organization and use of spaces, conceive the overall concept which is basic when we prepare the master plan, the detailed design drawings and technical specifications. The general idea of our work is to make you and your family or employees feel comfortable and  special in a well arranged house garden or office park.

“Say welcome to nature in your home”

If you want to feel the nature in your home and garden, if you want to turn them into a paradisean place for living and relaxation, Lux Garden Ltd. offers you stylish and creative ideas for the design, organization and use of spaces in the field of landscape architecture, landscape and garden design.

We are a team of highly ambitious experts. We are motivated to provide our clients with an excellent service, putting them on a first place and offering them the best prices.

If you have ideas for the arrangement, organization and use of the spaces, we are ready to discuss them with you and to act according to them. Our desire is to have a right attitude to the clients and at the same time to be correct employers for the people working in the firm.

The good working climate and cooperative work help us to give the best from ourselves doing our jobs.

Soon we will provide our clients with a new service - irrigation systems for house gardens, residential estates, corporate office parks and public parks.

Soon we will provide our clients with landscape plans which will also include various types of irrigation techniques, design for automatic plant watering systems, building of drip irrigation and a subscription to a monthly maintenance.

The irrigation systems are a good solution to every garden, because they help for the normal development of the decorative plants. It is from great significance for the plants to be properly supplied with water.

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